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Subaru Impreza WRX TYPE RA STI VER. VI LIMITE - 1999,
Price: US$4,658 2000cc
2000CC, PS,PW

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Nissan Terrano - 1996,
Price: US$3,558 3300cc
3300cc, PS, PW, 4WD

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Mercedes-Benz C230 Station wagon - 1996,
Price: US$1,905 2300cc
2300CC, PS, PW, SR

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Price: US$3,474 3000cc
3000cc, PS, PW, Airbag, 4WD, Autostep

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Price: US$2,011 2000cc

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Mercedes-Benz S500L - 2003,
Price: US$8,379 5000cc

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Toyota Camry 2.4G - 2002,
Price: US$3,684 2400cc
2400cc, PS, PW, TV, Navigator, Airbag

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Mercedes-Benz SL500 - 2002,
Price: US$16,621 5000cc

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Importing to the USA from Japan

Mini Trucks are vehicles ideal for use on Golf Courses, Farms and other areas where small, but highly functional and useful vehicles are in demand.

Japan Partner Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of such vehicles, which we source from all across Japan. We only purchase quality and ensure that our customer`s high expectations are being met, by inspecting any vehicle that leaves our yard.

We can load up to 8 mini trucks into one 40 ft high cube container, thus greatly reducing per unit import costs to the USA.

Japan Partner Inc. also has the capacity to re-paint and completely overhaul your mini trucks, thus making them even more appealing to importers and users across the United States.

You can find a comp.

RHD Jeeps for the US Postal and Delivery Industry

Factory-made RHD Jeeps from Japan are excellent mail delivery vehicles for rural postal workers in the USA.

Having a factory RHD vehicle eliminates the need for using converted cars or reaching across the seat to deliver mail.

Because of the good condition of Japanese roads, yearly inspections and generally good maintenance RHD Jeeps from Japan (even if 12 to 14 years old ) are still in great condition.

All vehicles imported to the US (even if originally manufactured there) need to be certified to conform to US safety and emissions standards.

The certification process is very lengthy and can only be undertaken by a qualified Registered Importer. The RI importing the Jeeps needs to have a detailed understanding of all laws and regulations pertaining to vehicle safety and needs to prove and guarantee - to the US Department of Transportation that the vehicle imported does meet all relevant safety and emissions standards of the US.

Buying Factory-made RHD Jeeps in the US

Japan Partner Inc. is supplying Japanese factory-made Jeeps to PDX Imports and Postal Pete, which both belong to a very small group of companies that can legally import RHD vehicles from Japan.

Postal Pete is our trusted partner in the mid-west of the United States and enjoys a very high reputation among postal workers of the east-coast and the mid-west.

PDX Imports is the first-choice supplier for postal workers of the west coast. We can recommend PDX Imports with full confidence as a top-quality supplier of RHD vehicles to rural postal workers in the western parts of the USA.

If you are interested in RHD Jeeps you can either purchase them directly from us or from the two above mentioned registered importers.

JDM High Performance Cars

Importing used JDM High Performance Vehicles (and other used vehicles) into the USA is difficult, but not impossible.

Any vehicles being imported to the USA needs to have been certified to comply with US safety and environmental standards, i.e. they need to have a DOT and an EPA mark.

Unfortunately almost all vehicles sold outside the USA do not have such marks.

They can however nevertheless be imported with the help of a Registered Importer, who can bring them into compliance with US regulations.

You can find a comprehensive list of Registered Importers following this web address:

Going through an RI can be very expensive though.

A cheaper alternative may be to dismantle the vehicle you want and ship it by container to the US.

This is not an infringement of US laws as long as the vehicle will not be reassembled in the US. Most JDAM high performance cars in the US have been brought into the country this way.

Furthermore, there are two categories of vehicles that can be imported to the US relatively easily:

Mini Trucks ( and RHD Jeep Cherokees.

What can happen with cheap car shipping?

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Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter Association

Japan Partner Inc has been granted the award of being one of the most reliable exporter of used motor vehicles in Japan. This award was granted by JUMVEA that stands for Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter Association that is the most reputable organization in the used car export industry and is accredited by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japanese Government.

Buy Used Cars from Japan Partner

Buying used cars online from Japan is still a challenge. We believe that Japan is the best place to buy used cars. Why do people all over the world (including countries with LHD traffic) buy RHD salvage cars from Japan?

Japanese used cars online

We have widest selection of used cars for sale available online. You may browse all our used cars stock list and find specific used car to buy.

New & Used Auto Parts from Japan

We can also assist you with finding spare parts if you need them for the damaged cars you decide to buy from us. Once these parts are purchased - we can put them into your car so you don't have to pay shipping for these parts and will receive them together with the car! Japan Partner is one of the few companies, which offer this kind of service.

Used Auto Parts in Bulk

Together with our reliable partners we were assisting numerous companies around the world with their ever-increasing demand for the used spare parts for Japanese used cars which are usually ordered either in 40ft or 20 ft containers

Japan Partner site news

28.03.2010 Japan Partner Inc is proud to announce an introduction of an advanced system that will help our customers to purchase cars directly from the auction at an ease of their own home.

18.10.2009 As a request of our global regional dealers Japan Partner Inc introduced water marks on their pictures

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